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25 Feb


I am a whore for lipstick. Bold statement I know. I can not get enough red lipstick, pink lipstick, orange lipstick, lip liners, lip glosses, lip stains, lip scrubs, lip balm, etc. Lip stick can really save your day. Picture this…you’re late for a date, work, shopping extravaganza etc. You have zero time to put your “face” on. Pop on some lip stick and you’re saved. Instant style. Instant cute. Here are some of my favorites…



Make Up Forever Lip Rouge in Shade 36. Best hot pink lip hands DOWN. Also, this will last all day.

vegas volt

MAC Lipstick in Vegas Volt. Perfect mix of orange, coral and baby pink.


Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Golden Luster in Violet Singulier. A violet with great pigment.
MAC Lipstic in Ruby Woo. This is the most AMAZING red. An oldy but goody. Perfect shade with a velvet matte finish. Love.

carmineBesame Cosmetics Lipstick in Carmine. The perfect shade of Orange. This is a vintage inspired line, so the texture of the lipstick is phenomenal Creamy and rich. Must have. Sold in select salons and retails locations.


MAC Lip Pencil in Brick – My favorite red shade.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip 16C – Matches any hot pink lip and is waterproof.

MAC Lip Pencil in Night Moth – Necessary dark lip pencil. LOVE

Kevyn Aucoin Lip Pencil in Bare – Most natural lip pencil for a gorgeous natural look.


Lip Care

benefit lip
Benefit Lipscription is a MUST to clean lips of dry cracked skin. There is nothing like applying lipstick, especially a matte, to a freshly cleansed mouth. Love this one because its not sticky like the sugar scrubs that are out there.

epicurenEpicuren Lip balm with tea tree oil.If you suffer from chapped lips, this will change your life. Gold.


You want flower? Gel nails….EXPOSED!!!

11 Apr

Gel nails, a dream come true. I don’t know about you guys, but when I paint my nails I am LUCKY if it lasts one day without chipping. Once I get one chipped nail it’s all over. My ADD kicks in and I pick off all my polish and then I have, what I like to call, crack hands. You know, like I’ve been digging in the gutter. As adorable as this sounds, I needed a solution. Enter gel nails.

I was told of this months ago, but thought it was lame, another fad like tinsel extensions or leopard sticker lip tattoos.  Finally last week, after going to a job with three fingers nails painted and the rest gnawed off, I decided to take the plunge. I found a cute little salon near my house, Future Nails. Side note, I am always curious how they come up with these names. Future nails? I figured they must be doing some real innovative shit there, shit I didn’t even know about. Future shit. Time travel nails? I digress…..

I was pleasantly surprised by the color choice. Many brands like OPI and China Glaze make gel polish offering a wide range of color choices. Everything went smooth until I put my hands under the UV light machine (nail time machine? Eh?). My hands started to heat up a bit, but I didn’t really think anything of it. Later that day I was gushing about my new shiny nails to a  friend and they told me that women have been getting skin cancer from this gel nail situation. A bit dramatic I’m sure, but OF COURSE…every amazing thing has to have a glitch. So I googled it and this is what I found.

First off, some gel polish can contain an ingredient called butylated hydroxyanisol (BHA), which is known to have cancer causing agents. It’s only found in some gel polishes, but when I looked into it, I couldn’t find any that were specifically named. Secondly, the UV light machine that sets the polish can cause skin cancer, so they say. It’s basically an extremely intense form of sunlight. Isn’t this the same as tanning? Just sayin. To remedy the issue, reports say to put on 30 SPF sun screen before placing your hands in the light. They also say, get this, to wear gloves and cut the finger tips out to further protect yourself. Can you imagine?!?  Rolling in a nail spot with that get up. Thirdly, reports say that using acetone to remove the gel and filling the nails down before getting the gel polish can damage your nail beds etc. blah blah.

Here’s my skinny. This may be harmful, but I’m willing to take the risk. My nails look amazing and they have NOT chipped, which is a small miracle. I think next time I will put on some SPF before I go in the time machine, but other than that I don’t see how this is any different from any other beauty methods. Injecting botox into your face…come on.



30 Mar


January 27th….really. This was my last blog entry. I need to get with it and step up my game. Life must be good when you’re too busy to blog, right? Or you’re just too easily distracted by Hotlanta housewife marathons. Team NeNe!

Anywho, I’ve had the pleasure of working the Anastasia of Beverly Hills freelance team for the past two months and am absolutely in LOVE with her products. I thought I’d write a quick post to gush.

My first fav is the Hydrafull Gloss in Bellini. I love anything and everything coraly orange. This gloss is gorgeous. You can wear it by itself for a wash of loveiness of you can pop it on over your favorite coral lipstick to make it really pop. My choice would be Vegas Volt by MAC of course. All in all its a beaute and it’s really hydrating and doesn’t cake up on your lips. No one likes that.

Next must have is an item from the brow category. Anastasia is the brow guru after all. First off, my brows and I have had a tumultuous relationship. Let’s just say I may or may not have once had chola brows…and not that long ago :\ Hey no one’s perfect right? Moving ahead, I’ve filled in my brows for a long while now and could never find a powder/pencil combo that I liked. Not to mention one that stayed put. Back in my early years I remember pulling away from an intense makeout sesh to find part of my brow stuck to another’s forehead. Not cute…and how do you even explain that anyway? Hey I lost my brow on your head. ANYWAY. Anastasia has made sure that never happens to any of us gals again. Brow Wiz is the answer.  This pencil is self sharpening and slim so you can mimic actual hairs when you fill in sparse areas. The back end of it has a spoolie that you can comb through the color once applied to give your brow a  lovely natural look. Fabulous! Set it with a little clear brow gel, hairspray for your brows, and you are all set.

Lastly, I can’t end this post without mentioning St. Tropez, a bronze destiantion for your body. Clever I know. This is a bronze highlighting cream that is great for highlighting the face, legs, shoulders, anywhere! I like to use it on top of my check bones to give a sunkissed look. I also like to add a little to my favorite lotion and use it on my legs for a sheer glow. Basically, I would drink this if I could. Not to mention it comes with a cream blush. This product might clean your house too, who knows the possibilities are endless.

This is a great line and has a great price point. All products are sold at



Livin’ La Vida Loca Remix

27 Jan

Who else is PUMPED about the new MAC 2012 Viva Glam campaign ?!?!?!?!??! Ok so obviously I am super excited. Two reasons, well three. #1 Gorgeous pink lipsticks from Ms. Minaj #2 100% of profits go to the MAC Aids Foundation and UMMM #3 Ricky Martin. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Guilty pleasure..totally. I was Living La Vida Loca in ’98 thank you very much and shakin’ my bon bon. Old habits die hard :\

So whatever I’m stoked, can not wait for this lovelyness to hit the streets. Word is there will be three lipstick shades from Minaj pictured below. From left, Flamingo, Nicki and Pink Pigeon. I have a feeling I’m going to love that girl Flamingo. Just picture it…Flamingo, sippin some sweet tea, sun bathing. Ahh can’t wait! On counters February 2012.


2012: Test Test Test

25 Jan

2012 is upon us. Is the world ending? Are aliens going to come down and take over? Who cares…all I know is that I have a desperate need to create. Perhaps the stars are aligned! This year I will focus on creating beautiful images and creating beautiful art. A resolution? Sure, I think of it the passion that is my life.

Below are images from my gorgeous shoot with photographer Anthony Altamore and hair stylist extraordinaire Andrew Zepeda. Our inspiration was moody and gorgeous. Two words that can definitely describe Andrew and myself…but I digress.  Crystal from Pinkerton Models was an amazing girl with fabulous eyes who did not disappoint. Enjoy!







McQueen Never Disappoints

7 Nov

Do we love or do we LOVE. This lovely short is the handy work of  Paris based photographer Babette Pauth. Scarves are available now ranging from $555 to $595. I’ll take two in every color ❤

Tammy Faye: Eat Your Heart OUT!

2 Nov

Fall is upon us. Cold nights, orange leaves…unless you live in Southern Cali then it’s still beach blanket bingo and summer heels. Point being, fall beauty trends are hitting the news stands as I type. Sleek hair, no full hair. Bright nails, no metallic nails. Braids! For god’s sake a braid! What to do with this sea of oxymoron’s.  I say, take what you like and leave the rest. Some of us are a metallic blue eye shadow kinda gal and some of us aren’t. Embrace whoever you are and own that shit.

I am so off track. Let’s bring it home. Tada! My favorite Fall Beauty Trend so far are THICK SPIDER LASHES. Love me some clumped lashes. The instructions on most mascara tubes only mention applying twice at most. PUUUUHLEASE. Twice? The party is just getting started at two applications. Pile it on! Jet black thick SHORT lashes are the hot ticket. I love old faithful Loreal Voluminous in Carbon Black.

Try this today….within reason of course  xoxo

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